Tuesday, February 21, 2017

LOTD / #74 - Crazy

Glasses.Izzie's Izzie's - 70s Sunglasses black
Outfit.Cooley llCll - Classic Cool [Mesh] BABY [6]
Shoes.Flite FLite. Bombers Coal
Choker.Xyz XYZ // Tattoo Choker [black] (wear)
Backdrop.Rama RAMA - #selfie_RAMA I <3 London (don't wear)
Walrus.::BB:: ::BB:: Artic Friends Walrus (grey)

Friday, February 17, 2017

LOTD / #73 - Doubt

Hat.Rabu rabu. - leather fedora (black)
Shirt.BOY BOY.  "YEEZUS TOUR" Fitted Tee. BABY.
Choker.Rama RAMA - Ivy Velvet Choker 'Black'
Backdrop.Rama RAMA - #selfie_RAMA No Parking (don't wear)
Shoes.TonkTastic TonkTastic - 50's Jump Boots

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

LOTD / #72 Pacify...

→Hat.Rabu rabu. - leather fedora (black)
→Cyclops eye.Random.Matter .random.Matter. - Cygla Third Eye - Violet
→Cheek Scar. Corvus Cheek Scar
→Crop top.Cooley llCll - Oversize Sweater Crop - Black
→Shorts.Little Closet Little Closet - Baggy Shorts - Coal - BABY
→Shoes.BOOM *BOOM* Ginchiest Creepers (male) LT tar

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

LOTD / #71 - My own way...

On me (Left side...)
Wig.UNORTHODOX Jhene Black
Glasses.Bezl Bezl Specs 
Fur Coat.TipToes . tiptoes - Fuzzy Fur Coat - Cream [ B ] 
Hoodie.Gimmick Gimmick* - Hooded Sweater - Pink
Pants.Gimmick Gimmick* - Chinos - Pink
Shoes.Buglets ~*Buglets*~ Cozy Lil Slipper [Snow] 
Dog.Black Bantam *[Black Bantam] I Dun Like You Chihuahua Male Old

On Him (Right Side...)
Glasses.MembersOnly: Cobain White 
Fur Coat.Tip Toes . tiptoes - Fuzzy Fur Coat - Blue [ B ]
Hoodie.Gimmick Gimmick* - Hooded Sweater - Blue
Pants.Gimmick Gimmick* - Chinos - Blue
Shoes.Buglets ~*Buglets*~ Cozy Lil Slipper [Sky] 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

LOTD / #70 - Through my tears....

 Hat.AMU AMU - Black Beret!
Choker./\ Hazed /\ Denim Choker
Top.Krazy Nior Knit Top
Pants.Flite Bombers Coal
Poses.Boys to the bone Model Pose Pack
Backdrop.Rama RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Robbo Bridge (don't wear)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lotd / #69 - Please Don't Leave

Wig.Y-U Y-U: KEIKO HAIR "BLK" UNISEX (Changed the hair color with the hud)
Mouth slime.Bttb BTTB slime - mouth - light pink
Choker.Amala Amala - The Moon Choker - Gold
Juice box. Kawaii apple Juice (From Mp)
Backpack.Flite FLite. Apex Bag Black - RARE
Shirt. Recess .{Recess}. - Captain Oversize Shirt (lt. grey) [b]
Pants.BOY BOY. "HAYDEN" Trousers. Light-Wash BABY.
Photo Taken at. My Photo Skybox No LM..

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

LOTD / #68 - All the Stars...

Wig.Soonsiki *Soonsiki! Kaleidoscope
Ouchies. Jk ouchies and oopsies 
Glasses.Izzies Izzie's - 70s Sunglasses black
Choker.Xyz XYZ // Tattoo Choker [black] (wear)
Overalls.Little Closet - Short Overalls - Coal  - BABY
Shoes.Blk 2.0 BLK2.0 VENS (KIDS) ROSES 
Cat.Manticore [Manticore] White Cait v2

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lotd / #67 - Dreaming awake...

Headwrap.Fiore .: fiore :. RICHA Headwrap (S)
Bindi.Okkbye Third Eye Black
Shirt.GIRL GIRL. Hey Fall! Red (B)
Pants.Hoodlums +HoodLums - Bell bottoms - solid
Rings.Bowillow :BoWillow: Halloween Rings TD baby Right Hand
Little Pet.Black Bantam *[Black Bantam] Werewolf Pup Brown Male RARE
Picture Location.Black Milk

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lotd / #66 - Dreaming after dark...

Wig.Little Bones little bones. Ultraviolence
Coat.GIRL. GIRL. "Adrian"  Bubble OLIVE At Ninety-Nine
Undershirt.Muriel Muriel. Tanktop (Baby)
Little Closet. Little Closet - Bleached Wash Jeans BABY (No longer sold)
Shoes.Flite Bombers Black (Resized to fit Td Baby body)
Hippo.Pink Acid Pink Acid Baby Hippo Female Floral Gray
Photo Taken at.Ironwood Hills

Friday, October 7, 2016

Lotd / #65 - I love everything you do...

     Hey Guys one of my favorite holidays is coming up!!
Halloween i cant wait to do all these creepy post and see some other peoples post!
But i am in love with this sim its one of my new favorite places to take picture! but i honestly dont have that much to say today lmaoo lets get on with the post???                                
                                                                                           Pнlуη Sαցe Vєriηo Bムli-Vуpєя

Hat.Mp witch hatB---black
Hair Base.Unorthodox Jhene Hair base Brown
Glasses.Izzies Izzie's - 70s Sunglasses black
Button down.Snips and Snails .S&S. Button Down Shirt  - Chalk [TD Baby]
Socks.Snips and Snails .S&S. Tiny Tims Sock
Cardigan.Muriel Muriel. Fall Cardigan - Charcoal (Kid) (In Kid size to fit the Button down)
Jeans.Nvrmd //NVRMD\\ Skinny Jeans - Black -B-
Shoes.Blietch Bleich - Mesh Unisex Creepers Black Leather_Single
Wand.Soken Kids [SKTD] TD BABY Ollivanders Rosewood Wand Mesh
Book.COCORONI COCORONI Book Clutch - SPACE (right)
Photo Location.Saint Pete City

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Lotd / #64 - The Truth is disguised...

Hat.Rabu rabu. - leather fedora (black)
Glasses.S O R G O * S O R G O - ISSA / Black (G)
Scarf.Yummy (Yummy) Chunky Scarf - Marshmellow
Outfit.Little Miss {Little Miss} Nerdy Outfit - Washed Denim *BABY
Shoes.Little Miss {Little Miss} Baby Birkens
Backdrop.Mons MONS / 3D - Leaf Photoshoot Decor (spring)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Lotd / #63 - Crossing the line...

Wig. Unorthodox Jhene Hair Base Brown
Glasses.Doe. Bezl Specs. lensless /b.jewla plain
Lips. Lovely Disarray Lovely Disarray - I'm no Priest
TurtleNeck.Ralwen {Ralwen/Baby}TurtleNeck:Black
Pants.Gimmick Gimmick* - Worn Jeans - Light
Shoes.Tsg .tsg. Cupid Creepers (Modded To fit Td Feet)
Poses.Bttb  - Mp4
Picture Taken at. Cape of the Ruin

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lotd / #62 - Sleep on it...

Wig.Boon booN GAS760 hair black
Eye Scar.Corvus Corvus: Eye Scar
Blind eye.Elfin Eyes ELFIN EYES - White Out (left eyeball)
Top.Foreign [F] Knit Fashion Sweater [Baby] [White]
Bottoms.Duh Duh  Nerdy Black Pant
Sock.Tsg Princess socks
Shoes.No longer sold.
Poses. BTTB BTTB - MP4 - pose3 BTTB bondage #2 alt1
Backdrop. Rama RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Sierra Bonita Ave (don't wear)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

LOTD / #61 - I Know You Know...

Hey Guys! So i kinda Had a Blogger Block and i took a little Break from sl Because it just was not as fun as it used to be but sometimes you just need a little Break lol But just all the new events and new cute clothes made me want to come back and its fun again! But Yeah! i love this Outfit its kinda Serving me a little bit of vintage Looks mixed with a little High fashion?
                                                          Lets get on with the post! <333

Ouchies.Just Kidding. Head Wound and Bloody nose RARE
Doggie.Black Bantam *[Black Bantam] I Dun Like You Chihuahua Male Old
Shirt.BOY BOY. "SWEATSHIRT" Sweatshirt Black. BABY.
Pants.HoodLums +HoodLums - Bell bottoms - solid (Includes Hud)
Shoes.Bleitch Bleich - Mesh Unisex Creepers Black Leather_Single

Friday, September 9, 2016

Hair.~Tableau Vivant~ ~Tableau Vivant~ Hill - Dreads series - M fit
Glasses.Zoom [Z O O M] Cat Eyes Glasses
Scarf.jk: Infinity Scarf - BABY - Grey (No Longer sold)
Bag.David Heather -David Heather-Kababagga Satchel/Unrigged/Sienna
Shirt.Little Miss {Little Miss} Parka Top *BABY - Military @Ninety-Nine
Pants.Nvrmd //NVRMD\\ Skinny Jeans - Black -B-
Shoes.Bleich Bleich - Mesh Unisex Creepers Black Leather_Single - LFoot
Poses.Glamrus Kids Maxine and Max @Ninety-Nine

Monday, September 5, 2016

On me.
Hair.D!va ""D!va"" Hair "Vivienne" (Type A)(Black amber)MODDED
Third eye.Random Matter .random. . - Cygla Third Eye - Clover
Mask.Charming {Charming} Masks - DaRK PACK *GRIZZLY*
Choker.Amala Amala - The Moon Choker - Gold
Jacket.s&s .S&S. Denim Jacket -  Black Wash [TD Baby]
Pants.Gimmick Gimmick* - Chinos - White [Coming to Ninety-Nine Soon!]
Shoes.Tsg .tsg. Cupid Creepers L - Black - Slink FLAT
Poses.Glamrus Amigos

On Her.
Choker.Bumkins .bumpkins. Heart Choker Black!
Mask.Charming {Charming} Kpop Masks * DARK PACK* X
Hair.Blues Blues. Marta - Naturals 1
Skirt.Admirable Admirable. Denim Skater Skirts (Reg)
Shirt.Jk jk: Lil Camper Set - White
Shoes.Turducken ToddleeDoo - Platform Flipflops - Black

Friday, September 2, 2016

Hair:Taketomi [taketomi]_Tama_DarkBrowns
Hat:Rabu Rabu. Leather Fedora Hat // Unisex
Shirt. No Longer Sold.
Pants.Plum [P] Chinos Navy
Socks.Tsg Princess Socks Solid White
Shoes.Bleich Bleich - Mesh Unisex Creepers Spike Black GS Leather_Double - L

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hey Guys!! Soooo School starts sooon -Inserts Rolling eyes emoji- Honestly not ready for it at all guys But hopefully It will fly by fast! But I love this post Featuring all these amazing toddleedoo Creators!....I don't have that much to say today lols but enjoy the post!!

Hair.Nylon (NO) FrenchBraid Pigtails (resize script) -  Dirty Blonde
Inhaler.Nomad NOMAD // Inhaler // Red (M)
Shirt.No longer sold :(
Pants.Recess .{Reces}. - Phlyn Pants (denim 04) [b]
Shoes.Jk jk: BABY LEFT baby jesus sandals - midnight
Poses.Chubs Pose Packs

Monday, August 29, 2016

What I'm Wearing...
Choker.Xyz XYZ // Tattoo Choker [black] (wear)
Outfit.Boy BOY. Essential Dye'd Top "BLACK" BABY. (Top And Bottoms)
Shoes.Flite FLite. Lowtop Ducks - Black

On Him...

Outfit.Boy BOY. Tech-Windsuit. "RED" BABY (Now available)
Shoes.Flite FLITE. -Retro x75 ; Color/style included inside of hud.
Watch.Blk  [BLK2.0] BLKWatch *GACHA* _SPORT_BLACK

Poses Used.CHUBS 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hair.D!va ""D!va"" Hair "Vivienne" (Type A)(Black amber)MODDED
Visor.BOLTS BOLTS. "RED!" Visor Cap!
Tounge.Cheerno [CheerNo] Tongue_Natural
Plushie.Jk jk: Caterpillar Plushie - Green
Overalls. No longer sold D;
Skates.The Secret store The Secret Store - Vintage Roller Skates
Poses.Glamrus Clover Pose pack
Backdrop.L'Etre L'Etre - Photography background [#4]
© CaptainCrunch.
Maira Gall